A never before seen multi-sensorial artistic installation:
images, sounds and fragrances interact in an experience directed by ambient designer, Paolo Buroni

An Event within the Image Ambient event, an artistic installation created and designed for SIB by ambient designer Paolo Buroni, one of the most innovative contemporary experimenters who, in his large multi-medial installations mixes images, music and architecture together in a single language. Buroni has been defined as an "urban invader" by American critics for the impulse of his artistic journey towards the total image able to conquer streets and squares in all three spatial dimensions. Among others, he has worked with the sculptors Pier Paolo Calzolari and Arnaldo Pomodoro, the musicians Uri Caine and Archie Sheep and the actor Marco Paolini. With his evocative multi-vision shows he has peacefully invaded the Venice Biennial, the San Remo Festival, the Marmore Waterfalls, the Seoul Coex Centre, the Montecarlo F1 Grand Prix, the Milan San Siro Stadium during the Inter-Milan derby match, the Istanbul Ataturk Stadium for the innaugural ceremony of Universiade 2005 in Turkey, the Pirelli Building for the Motorola campaign, the ski slopes for the Bormio World Championships, the Dubai dunes for the Cinema Festival and, recently the Palavela for the Torino Olympics.

"Un light cube, but it could be a theatre, a factory or a square, what fascinates me is space as it changes with images and sound". Paolo Buroni

With Image Ambient, Buroni's declared objective is that of creating in the SIB visitors the multi-sensorial sensation of being immersed in the images. By creating an artistic and technological space in which hundreds of three dimensional projections - from glamour to graphics - mark the evolution of the use of light and interact with music in quadraphonic sound and are emphasised by fragrances that envelope the visitor, creating a unique, unrepeatable atmosphere. A small parallel universe, a place of marvel and wonder, to be explored through a full range of sensations. Gabriele Pizzi

Image Ambient Partners

- Project: Paolo Buroni
- Ambient Designer: Paolo Buroni
- Graphics: Sabine Lindner
- Technical equipment:
- Litec (Truss)
- Stark srl (Projectors)
- Outline (Audio Equipment)
- Peroni (Professional Screen)
- Volume srl (Parfums)


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