Milan, European Champions 25.05.07

Milan hires Paolo Buroni to direct the great celebration at San Siro

In celebrating the brilliant Uefa Cup victory, the Milan A.C. club decided on spectularity and image, hiring Paolo Buroni to direct and organise a grand party-event at San Siro. “It was a truly difficult challenge, because I only had two days to organise everything”. In fact, strangely enough, traditionally, to ward off ill-luck, the Milan club organises absolutely nothing before Victory is sure.
Galliani gave me carte blanche, requesting only that I insert two selections known to be his passion, into the sound track of pieces that I had selected: “Meravigliosa creatura” by Gianna Nannini and “I migliori anni della nostra vita” by Renato Zero. Given the importance of the event and the size of San Siro, I had to put all of my collaborators into action for an uninterrupted tour de force lasting two days, working day and night. The event brought over 50,000 fans to San Siro and was broadcast live on Sky Sport. An enormous “magic box” was created at the centre of the field, with 1000 square metres of screen for the projection of two 360° multivisions, which could be seen by all of the spectators. The first multivision show, “Milan at the top of Olympus” told the story of the 7 Milan cups, igniting the enthusiasm of the fans who accompanies the show with shouts and song. The second multivision show was in celebration of the latest cup with the brand new images from Athens 2007, obviously in a mood of general jubilation. The two shows were intervalled by a performance by the Togni Acrobatic Dance Corps and the amusing monologues of Teo Teocoli. During the grande finale, on the strains of the “Migliori anni della nostra vita” all of the footballers entered the field (several with holding their children in their arms) from Kakà to Inzaghi, from Pirlo to Gattuso (welcomed by a warm ovation), followed by coach Ancelotti. Ancelotti, stirred by the milieu of enthusiasm, uncharacteristically encouraged the cheers of the crows, singing slogans and the Milan anthem.
For the realisation of this mega-event, 46 special Stark projectors were installed at San Siro with over 3 kilometres of wire. The great number and the power of the projectors used made it possible for me to not only project images on the centre of the field, but also on the stadium structures including the four large towers, to give the spectators a sense of being part of the show. I was truly honoured to be asked to create this event by one of the most demanding Clubs in terms of image-events.

A great event at San Siro, this artistic installation created and planned for the Milan Club by Multivision designer Paolo Buroni, one of the best known and innovative experimenters in contemporary visual happenings, who uses his huge multimedial installations to join images, music and architecture in a single language (among other things, Buroni is “Marchigiano DOC). Buroni has already organised the shows for the Inter-Milan Derby in 2003 and the Milan-Bayern for this year’s Uefa cup.

The numbers of the installation
- Direction & Multivision designer – Paolo Buroni
- Graphics: Sabine Lindner
- Images: 1200
- Projection System - 46 special Stark projectors
- Power absorbed, approximately 150 KW
- Production and set-up: Stark srl
- 2000 square meters of images


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