Colossal multi-projection on the Pirelli building

The Motorola Pirelli building Architectural Multi-projection event is a challenge in terms of creativity, technology and innovation. Visual Designer Paolo Buroni and Stark accepted this new challenge, requiring a dynamic, pioneering spirit. The project is based on an idea by Tcommunication and Motorola and it has been one of the most complex, difficult and rewarding projects, yet. In fact, this is the vastest Multi-projection ever attempted on a skyscraper with large windowed surfaces of such significant dimensions. The technical difficulties involved in realising an operation of this type in the centre of Milan was a sort of confrontation with a metropolis cityscape, a bona fide intrusion into the cityscape through projected images on the architectural backdrop of Milan’s highest skyscraper in a hostile environment populated by thousands of public lights and the parasitic glare of this city at night.

Paolo Buroni:
"This operation, although promotional, fits well into my artistic programme of intrusion into the cityscape, virtually transforming it through projected images."

“In addition to the problems listed above, I was faced with a single possibility of positioning the projection technology a good 200 metres from the building.
The required projection power necessary for winning this dare was enormous and I had to resort to a highly complex technical solution.
The image to be projected was divided into fifteen sections using an extremely precise graphic process and a complicated series of calculations and tests in order to once again obtain the perfectly reconstructed image. At this point, I decided to use 15 special Stark projectors (Leading Italian technology in the world of architectural projections, already used at the San Siro stadium) because projectors with great power and quality were necessary for the precision projection of the single sections of the image. Stark lent its services to specifically construct the special lenses (80 cm in length each) since during the live testing I realised that we would never have been able to succeed in this undertaking using the standard lenses we normally use.” Essentially, it was through the support of the Tcommunication staff, who in addition to having come up with the idea and promoting the event, also managed to overcome all of the logistical and bureaucratic obstacles connected to such an operation of this magnitude and complexity.

The numbers of the event:
- Project idea: Tcommunication
- Visual designer: Paolo Buroni
- Projection surface: more than 4000 square metres
- Technology used: 15 special Stark projectors (Italian technology)
- Electric power employed: over 100 KW
- Projection distance: 200 metres
- Graphics: Sabine Lindner
- Film and developing: Telenia srl



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Regione Lombardia


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