Multivision designer Paolo Buroni authors the Singapore National Day Parade 2005

This event, to commemorate the Independence of the State of Singapore, is held every year on August 9th with a grand, “no holds barred” celebration. Over 8,000 participants and Singapore’s air force and army take part in this grand parade. Paolo Buroni obtained this prestigious job after a careful evaluation made by the Republic’s authorities; following a long selection process the Italian multivision designer found himself up against an Australian company.
Paolo Buroni’s winning project envisions a 260 meter long multivision which will surround the over 25,000 people gathered in the specially prepared, stadium sized park.
The special projection technologies, which won on the field by passing the stringent tests of the Singapore authorities, will also be under the direction of the Italian company, STARK srl.
The theme of the mega-event will be the various ethnic groups, the culture and the history of Singapore seen through modern and innovative graphics.
The images projected will include those of the Singapore of the pioneers; the art of this country and the four cultures the populate Singapore will be highlighted to created an emotional impact emphasizing the future prospects of this population rich in history and aspirations.
The rehearsals for the event will last well over two months.

The numbers of the installation:

Multivision designer: Paolo Buroni
Elaboration and graphics: Sabine Lindner
Technology: 26 Stark projectors, 10 mobile head Stark Revolution projectors
Multivision show with 95 settings composed of 2470 images
Space covered: 1500 m²
Cables : 1.8 km
Direction: 3 Mac Titanium computers

The area is named “Padang”, and it is right in front of the Government Building and the Supreme Court; the hundreds of skyscrapers surrounding the area make it an even more theatrical venue.
26 projectors will be installed on structures at distances varying from 6 to 14 meters to cover a total space of 1500 square meters.
In addition to the entire army (aircraft, parachutists and special corps…) and the island government, the event will involve over 8,000 participants in folk dances, parades of allegoric floats and folk songs.
The technical/organizational staff will be directing something like 1000 people!



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