Opening Ceremony for the Alpine Ski World Championships
Bormio 2005: Special Effects

In addition to the performances of the various delegations on the evening of the
inaugural event, the Mountain has become the backdrop for enormous three-dimensional images created through the innovative technology of Paolo Buroni’s “Outerspace” Multivision show.

The evening of the inauguration, a new technology has been used to project a large Multivision show by Paolo Buroni covering the entire arrival area up the snow on the
ski trails which was the scenario for the World Ski Championships.
The mountain, the trail and the snow itself was been appointed as a natural screen for the event and covered by a puzzle of overlapping images fading one into the other with the accompaniment of synchronised music.
Bormio 2005 was the magnificent backdrop for the installation of the innovative and sophisticated equipment necessary for this “Stark” multiple image projection. 25 special projectors has been used to cover the vast white surfaces with enormous images transforming the mountainside into a huge virtual scenographic setting.
This multiple image projection, under the direction of Paolo Buroni and based on an idea developed by Mrs.Tiziana Bezzi, begun with a succession of alpine images and a crescendo of winter landscapes as it creates the backdrop for the performances of the delegations of the
participating teams.
As in a slow-motion film sequence, a succession of hundreds of animated images was projected using lap fade effects, image overlapping and scrolling accompanied by a
synchronised sound track.
Also during the awarding of prizes helded every evening in the affected and characteristic Kuerc Square in the middle of Bormio village, an every day different architectural Stark
multivision show was the amazing outline for the prize-giving to the winners.
These complicated installations, which also required the use of a helicopter for transporting and setting up the equipments has been designed and created by Stark srl, a
Pesaro based Italian company, specialised in this type of event and which also constructs the different equipments used for the installation.

Paolo Buroni, an internationally renowned Multivision designer has already staged similar events using three-dimensional Multiple Image Projections in the most unexpected of places: Montecarlo for the Ferrari team, on the Marmore Waterfall in Terni-Italy for an Archie Sheep concert, in the stadiums of Istanbul (Turkey) and San Siro (Italy), at the Coex
Centre in Seoul (South Korea), and most recently at the 2004 Biennial Venice Film Festival.

- Coordination and direction Ceremony Bormio 2005: Mrs.Tiziana Bezzi
- Artistic and Multivision direction: Mr.Paolo Buroni
- Graphics: Mrs.Sabine Lindner
- Projection equipment: 25 Stark projectors
- Projected images and scenes: n° 1250
- Technical set-up: Stark srl
- Worldwide TV issued


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