Inauguration of Paolo Buroni’s permanent installation at the Ducal Palace in Gubbio
Featuring Federico da Montefeltro

Duca Ferderico

Duca Ferderico

Duca Ferderico

Duca Ferderico

For the first time, in a museum setting, a historical figure like Federico da Montefeltro will be depicted full-size in a three dimensional holograph

On April 23, 2010 the permanent installation created by Paolo Buroni, and sponsored by the Umbria Superintendence for Architectural and Natural Heritage will be inaugurated. The installation entitled “At Federico’s Court” will bring the court on the main floor of the Ducal Palace in Gubbio to life.  
Under the artistic direction of Paolo Buroni, Federico da Montefeltro, played by renowned actor Giulio Base, comes to the life. Using StarkHologram, a brand new Italian technology, for the first time in a museum setting, a historical figure like Federico da Montefeltro is presented in a three dimensional, natural size holograph representation. The great leader converses for fifteen minutes with an angel who kindly, but firmly asks Federico many “penetrating” questions.

My idea was to renew the emotional ties between this great historical figure and the public, bringing him back to life through this impossible, yet credible conversation.

The entire Stark team collaborated on this complex project: Alex Buroni directed and edited the video, Sabine Lindner was in charge of graphics and settings and the “on site” set-up was directed by architect Carla Bartelli.

StarkHologram Technology
The holograph effect is created with a special technology developed by Stark, an Italian company.
The innovation lies in the fact that the hologram seems to appear magically in the air, thanks to the use of a double, high definition projection system and an invisible holograph support obtained by means of a special treatment.
Through sophisticated processing of the images, the double projection system makes the 3D effect possible without the use of special glasses. The result: the technology is practically “invisible” and only the 3D effect remains, while traditional systems require a large, bulky and extremely invasive structure.
Stark has already created and patented many unique products, becoming an international leader in the industry. StarkLibrary is a spectacular interactive 3D library which allows the user to virtually leaf through valuable antique books; with a simple flick of the hand, the books magically come out of the wall and using a “touchless” technology the user can leaf through them by simply moving the hand in the air.

Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali

Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities



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