EUR-Theatre of Light




Paolo Buroni’s latest installation brings back the quadriga on Convention Hall

 This important and original realisation is the latest in Paolo Buroni’s artistic career, entirely centred on the relationship and interaction between image and architecture. It is certainly a new and innovative example of image at the service of new forms of historical-architectural communication.
The project is the result of a study by architect Massimo Paperini who, after an in depth and careful architectural analysis of the building and original documents, got the idea for a virtual reconstruction of the quadriga.  
In fact, in  Libera’s original drawings, a quadriga was planned for construction on the existent shelf, but then never realised. Paolo Buroni’s work is based on Architect Paperini’s study and on the original documents.
The artist graphically reprocessed the documents and using a sophisticated technology created a double architectural projection with a twofold function: historic as well as decorative. In this case, the choice was made to create the quadriga on the sides of the base, rather than on the base itself. The projection will magically appear to the sides of the original base - a historical-architectural citation as it were, as if in an oneiric vision.
This event is just the first step in a larger project that will involve all of EUR.
The projection will magically be visible from sundown on thanks to the special projectors supplied the Italian based company Stark, technical sponsor of the installation.


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