Sanremo 21.02.2003

For the first time, 12 Stark 1200 Broadcasts were used to set the stage for the Sanremo festival

The multi-projections, under the supervision of Rai’s director of photography, Pino Quini, were created live by the Multivision Designer Paolo Buroni who, true to style, involved all of the Ariston surfaces in the projections, including the walls, the drop-curtain, the orchestra as well as the audience.

Just 3 years from its official presentation at Sib 2000, the image projector for architectural structures and large outside surfaces, Stark 1200, already boasts a rich, important experience.
Thanks to its luminosity and flexibility, the Stark 1200 has already conquered the most important and prestigious stages in the world of entertainment and has contributed to the creation of great events.
After the Milan Cathedral, the Basilica of S. Pietro in the Vatican, Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, the Coex Centre in Seoul, Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome, the G8 Ship, the Seine in Paris, etc. the Stark 1200 was chosen by Rai for the realisation of the backdrop for the Sanremo 2003 Festival.

12 Stark 1200s in the Broadcast version (expressly created for television studios) were used to project backdrops with floral and musical themes on the stage of the Ariston Theatre, introducing an absolute novelty to television studios.
In fact, the luminosity and the compact dimensions of the Stark projectors permit full immersion architectural multi-projection with high quality photographic images, while offering artistic opportunities with absolutely original and enthralling effects.