The Urbino Ducal Palace

New multi-sensorial artistic installation
Image and sound interact with the architecture and the visitors

This artistic installation created and designed by Visual Artist Paolo Buroni is an event within the event. Buroni is one of the most innovative contemporary experimenters. In his highly personal multimedia installations, he amalgamates images with architecture and music, giving rise to a single language.
.. “An historic building, but it could also well be a factory or a square, what fascinates me is the interaction between space and environment, transforming it with images and sound”.

Through these interventions, Buroni’s objective is to create in the visitor to the Urbino Ducal Palace, the sensation of a multi-sensorial immersion in the images, through the creation of an artistic and dramatic space. A setting that stirs the emotions, in which architectural projections and virtual reconstructions interact with quadraphonic sound enshrouding the visitor in a unique, surrealistic atmosphere. A small parallel universe, a place of marvel and awe, for the visitor to explore and experience a full range of emotions.

Project Idea:

The concept at the basis of the artistic installations in the Urbino Ducal Palace is that of dramatically creating an emotional ambience within several significant areas of the prestigious palace. Not that these areas would be otherwise bare, because the original works are no longer available.

It is also important to emphasise that although these installations are based on original materials and sources to transmit reliable historic and artistic information, their intent is above all to be clear and communicative.
The emotional atmosphere is what the distracted visitor perceives during a superficial visit of the museum. An atmosphere created through images and music that emphasise and highlight paintings and architecture, miniatures and sculptures with choreographies that magnify the enjoyment of the visit.
The two receiving halls and the kitchen on the lower floor, perfect for the projection of Multivision images will be dramatised with “immersive” architectural Multi-projections directly on the walls.
..From an artistic standpoint, the Multivision is based on contents which enhance the themes of the culture and era ties to the Urbino Ducal Palace: Federico di Montefeltro, Raphael, Francesco di Giorgio Martini, Piero della Francesca and, consequently, paintings, architecture, documents, etc. represented in their most significant aspects. This result is also made possible through the use of the new, special Stark technologies for high luminosity projections, used all over the world in the most important architectural projections.

The third intervention involves the virtual reconstruction of Federico’s Library, in the same room that originally contained it in ancient times.
In this room, the visitor finds himself before a reconstruction where the virtual and the real are fused. The size of the bookcases is simulated with a 16 metre multimedia projection in which the visitor, with a simple gesture, can leaf through the virtual books suspended in air as the book offers it real content dramatically and interactively.
Diffused lights and appropriate sounds accent the atmosphere of the LIBRARY as a place of knowledge and culture. Simultaneously, the “Totem” create the original perception of the space and majestic dimensions of the original bookcases.

In directing his Multivision projects, Paolo Buroni draws from the most beautiful images available (provided by the client and taken from the archives and processed by Buroni himself) with a sophisticated graphic layout. The final result is a grand choreography of images in Multivision which brings together past and present.

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