For the fourth consecutive year, Visual Designer Paolo Buroni
will be at the event in the “City of Action”






With a number of installations that range from an immersive multivision show, to interactive installations and architectural backgrounds, the projections will add a touch of magic to be experienced in person.

[ Multivision on the Square ] - Piazza Giovanni Paolo II
"IMAGE AMBIENT"  Multivision centred on jazz music
Free expression and interpretation for a multivision featuring the energy and images magically created by Jazz.

[ Exhibition: "Discovering Giotto" ]
"DISCOVERING GIOTTO" “Emotional and Interactive”
Through a sophisticated digital interactive projection system the images seem to be continuously transformed in a sort of “Wave of Colour” creating a surreal, evocative effect. To discover the works projected on the ceiling of the hall, the spectator must make hand and body gestures to “move” these waves and “discover the works underneath them” which will magically become legible.

This makes the spectator an “Active” participant in the show as he lives an emotional experience created through his physical interaction with the projected image. His participation becomes essential in completing the display of the images.

[Backdrops on the Square ] - Piazza Giovanni Paolo II

Backgrounds for the appearances of Massimo Cacciari, Neri Marcorè, Francesca Merloni...