The urban invader


Paolo Buroni, pictured with his children and collaborators Alice and Alex, lives in Cagli in the province of Pesaro where he was born in 1954. He works in his home-studio, between Gubbio and Urbino. He arrived at this form of expression through a non-linear path, which through photography led him to computer art.

He began his career as a free-lance reportage photographer in 1980 working for about 10 years with the Grazia Neri and Focus Team photographic agency. He put together numerous reportage services for the Grazia Neri agency, published in both national and foreign magazines, and participated in numerous important photographic exhibitions and events. His images are on display at the Lausanne Photography Museum.

In 1992 he founded STARK

In 1995 at the Budapest International Multimedia Art Festival he won the F.I.A.P. (International Federation of Photographic Art). In 2008 he was awarded the Rotondi Award (Special Award for Communication) and the ADI Design Award for the event in Beijing on the CCTV Tower and in 2017 he won the Foyer des Artistes Award.

With the advent of the first digital computer processes, he passed from photography to computer art and subsequently on to his first multi-vision montages to finally arrive at creating huge multimedia installations where music, images and architecture come together to form one artistic language.

An American critic once described him as “the urban invader”, for his impulse to “invade” urban spaces – buildings and squares – with images.

“The Urban invader” because Multivision Image Designer Paolo Buroni’s most constant and significant characteristic is the use of the three spatial dimensions and the interaction between projected images and architectural structures, which become an integral part of the event.

“Almost immediately, my artistic goal was to make the images jump off of the screen and invade the surrounding architectural space.”

Today he has created and produced the most important and challenging international outdoor productions of multi-vision images: Luis Vuitton Cup for the America’s Cup, where he has covered with images the waterfront in Trapani using effects inspired by the sea, the San Siro stadium for the Inter-Milan Derby , with 10.000 sqm of images projected directly onto the football pitch, the Cathedral of Milan, the ship used at the G8 in Genoa, St. Pietro’s Square in Rome, the Coex Center in Seoul, the stadium in Istanbul, the Montecarlo Formula 1 G.P for the Ferrari-Marlboro Team and some of the most important shows of the RAI TV, including the scenography for the Festival of Sanremo 2003, Miss Italy in the World and the  RAI3 TV program “Che tempo che fa” on air every weekend.


In 2004 he produced a series of multivisions for the Venice Biennial Exhibition, projecting onto the façade of the Casinò during the 61th edition of the International Show of Cinema art.

In 2004 he created and pruduced another artistically challenging production, by projecting multi-vision images directly onto the Marmore Waterfalls during an Archie Shepp concert.


Among his artistic endeavours, to be noted are his collaborations with Pier Paolo Calzolari at the Calder Atelier in France as well as his work with artists of the calibur as Arnaldo Pomodoro, Gaslini, Juri Cane, and Marco Paolini in Carsulae (archaeological site with Roman ruins, near Terni) where for the first time a multi-vision production was entirely projected on the trees surrounding the archaeological site.

In the sports world to be noted are the official presentation of the new CONI trademark, the events created and produced for the Audi Sports Awards and the multi-vision shows during the 2004 Montecarlo Formula 1 Gran Prix for the Ferrari-Marlboro Team.

Recent works in international outdoor multi-vision productions include the Coex Centre in Seoul, the Stadiums of Istanbul and Milan, the Winter Olympics in Torino, the CCTV Tower in Beijing for Nike during the preolympic tour, the F1 GP in Montecarlo in the Ferrari Paddock during the presentation of a new “one off” model, the installation “Verso l’alto” in the Bard Fortress and the World Swimming Championships in Rome.

He has made an unprecedented multi-sensory art installation and permanent in the Museum of Palazzo Ducale in Gubbio. For the first time in a hologram Historical Museum is a historical figure, Federico da Montefeltro, life size.

The company, founded and led by Visual Designer Paolo Buroni, is today a company that has an exceptional Family Team within it: Sabine Lindner graphic designer and artist, Alex Buroni creative designer and Alice Buroni architect and project designer.

Paolo Buroni, one of the main international protagonists in artistic and multimedia installations, together with Stark puts the most innovative architectural projection and “Interactive Experience” technologies available today at the service of art and spectacle.


2023 Milan, Fuorisalone, Civic Aquarium
2023 Milan, Fuorisalone and Embassy, Aiqos – multimedia project
2023 Milan, Durazzi Fashion Week_23 Multimedia setup
2022 Milan, London fitting out of 3 Vans stores
2022 Modena, MEF Enzo Ferrari Museum Event
2022 Cologno Monzese, Celada Open House Interactive virtual tour
2022 Parma, Cibus
2022 Teggiano, Event in the square
2022 Milan, Acquario Fuorisalone “Momentum” Immersive installation on the Real time and Perceived time
2022 Tolentino, Spark event
2022 Macerata, Texas
2022 Rome, holographic scenography for the musical event “Unplugged” directed by Duccio Forzano
2022 Rome, La Sapienza University Propylaea of the Rectorate, Holographic installation on Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza
2022 Monte Carlo, Monaco Yacht Show
2022 Milan, immersive scenography for the Eschre event
2022 Brescia, Arag event
2022 Nuremberg, Lyon Glong staging
2022 Amsterdam, Preparation for Tecnimpianti Livorno
2022 Ancona, Mole Vanvitelliana exhibition set-up
2022 Pistoia, 3GA three days of architecture
2022 Gorizia, creation of a permanent installation of an interactive kid’s area
2022 Firenze, Palazzo Pitti – Multimedia installation of the Premiata stand on the occasion of Pitti Exhibition
2022 Dubai, creation of 360° immersive room
2022 Cologno Monzese, installation of Stark Image Wall system during Celada’s Open House
2022 Parma, digital consultancy and visual system integration at the Cibus fair
2022 Limatola Castle, Videomappig and projection system inside and outside the castle
2022 Pistoia, Multiprojection on the Piazza del Duomo in Pistoia during the “3 giornate dell’Architettura”
2021 Montecatini, Videomapping on the facade of the “Terme di Montecatini”
2021 Montecatini, Christmas installations in the city
2021 Novara, Scenographic projection on the courtyard of the broletto
2021 Sarzana, Videomapping on the Town Hall and projection on the Impavidi Theater and Luni Square
2021 Agliana, Architectural projection in the city
2021 Limatola, Videomapping on the Castle
2021 Cologno Monzese, Spectacular Open day of Celada spa
2021 Ostuni, Videomapping on the facade of the Town Hall during the Christmas holidays
2021 Urbino, videomapping on the Town Hall during the Christmas holidays
2021 Pavia, Architectural projection on the Visconti Castle and setting up the Broletto Palace during the Christmas holidays
2021 Novara, Architectural projection in the courtyard of the Broletto during Christmas time
2021 Rodi Garganico, Scenic and immersive projections in the city
2021 Praiano, Christmas installation in the city
2021 Giaveno, Artistic creation of contents for Christmas immersive scenographies
2021 Modena, Multiprojection for Montblanc event at Enzo Ferrari Museum
2021 Florence, 3D contents creation for Pitti Uomo
2021 Urbisaglia, Immersive projections in the Theater of Urbisaglia on the occasion of Spark and Tedx
2021 Ischia, Videomapping on sarcophagus at the Diocesan Museum of Ischia
2021 Venice, Installation of Italian Pavilion for the Venice Biennale Foundation on the occasion of the International Architecture Exhibition
2021 Mongrassano, Setting up of Gias Enterprise Museum
2021 Gradara, Multimedia installation of the exhibition “Rodin a Gradara. Il bacio di Paolo e Francesca nel Castello del mito”.
2021 Perugia, Christmas projections in the city of Perugia
2021 Loreto, Setting up of the exhibition “La Madonna del Velo” at the Santuario della Santa Casa di Loreto
2021 Favignana, Multimedia exhibition at Florio Palace
2021 Fano, Scenic storytelling in the theater of Fortuna during Christmas Holidays
2021 Viterbo, Multimedia installation at Terme dei Papi
2021 Terre Roveresche, Scenographic videomapping during the theatrical representation “La notte di san Martino”
2021 Loreto, Museo Santa Casa – Exhibition on the Madonna del velo by Raphael
2020 Venice, Architecture Biennale
2020 Fermo Piazza del Popolo, interactive floor projections and life-size hologram
2020 Fano, Arco d’Augusto, videomapping telling the history of the city
2020 Rapallo, Videomapping on the castle, music kiosk and scenographic projection on the rear buildings
2020 Forlì Town Hall Videomapping on the Town Hall and the bell tower, telling the story of the city from the ‘200-‘ 900
2020 Cesenatico, Piazza delle Conserve, Pescheria, Galleria and Casa Moretti tell the story of the city with projections and interactivity
2020 Ancona; 500 years of Titian’s Pala Gozzi, Piazzadel Plebiscito, church of the Sacramento and SS. Pellegrino and Teresa
2020 Alassio, Projection on the Nativity on the Collegiate Parish of S. Ambrogio
2020 Città di Castello, Projection on the church of S. Francesco on the Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael
2020 ICPAL, Rome, Permanent ministerial museum set-up at the Central Institute for Archives and Book Pathology
2020 London, Stark Lounge installation, private residence
2020 Vivetta, Milan, Sala delle Cariatidi, Immersive scenography – Fashion Week
2020 Clabo, Sigep 2020, Rimini. Stand with immersive projection ceiling
2020 Miami Beach, virtual ceiling, private residence
2020 Florence, projection on Brunelleschi’s dome at S, Maria del Fiore
2019 Fano, Palazzo Malatestiano, realization of an ImageWall with 3D effect to study Leonardo’s sketches in an interactive way. Installation until October 13, 2019
2019 Saudi Arabia, realization of a virtual bow with an interactive sea realized on the 30-meter bridge of a yacht where you can see the sea and the virtual waves plowed forward directly on the “Virtual Deck” of the megayacht.
2019 Livorno, Benetti Yacht, Interactive emotional installation on the last 107 mt yacht
2019 Rome Vatican – Sala Nervi Charity evening concert
2018-19 Senigallia, piazza Garibaldi, Multiprojection and mapping, 1 month of installation
2018-2019 Assisi, Main Square, Minerva Temple and Rocca in Multiprojection and mapping, 1 month installation
2018-19 Nola (Na) Shopping center the “Vulcano Buono” by Renzo Piano. Maxi projection on the great slopes of the volcano
2018 Sanremo, “Sanremo Giovani” immersive scenigraphy for Rai1 – three days live broadcast
2018 Vinci (Florence), Fondazione Pedretti, Multimedia installation for the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death
2018 Arezzo, Palazzo della Fraternità, Immersive ambient on the theme of the 70-80-90’s for the Antiques Exhibition
2018 Carpi (Modena) Castello dei Pio, Piazza Martiri, projection on the whole palace celebrating the 80’s
2018 Fermignano (PU) Imab Group Spa, 50th anniversary, great projection in the “time corridor”
2018 Rome, Terme Diocleziane, for the Mibact, StarkImage Wall – review of Italian museums
2018 Carrara (Fi) Museum of Michelangelo, hologram of the David, permanent installation
2018 Palermo, Palazzo Sisal immersive projection, corporate event
2018 Castelfidardo, Immersive multiprojection on the main square for the PIF – International Accordion Award
2018 Bologna, Municipal Theater of Bologna, Aida opera, Video Mapping on the theater
2018 Milan -200 sqm Image wall with interactivity for Luxottica stand in Mido exhibition
2017-18 Novara Broletto, 1 month installation
2017-18 Assisi, Main Square, Minerva Temple and Rocca in Multiprojection and mapping, 1 month installation
2017-18 Milan, Central Station – Full frontal projection for Mastercard, 1 month installation
2017 Rome, Awarding of the price Foyer des Artistes International Center of Culture, Art, Science
2017 Bologna, Palazzo Re Enzo Architectural multivision for Marazzi during Cersaie tradeshow
2017 Livorno, ImageWall for a 50 mt Rossinavi yacht
2017 Genoa, Boat Show aristic installation during the show
2017 Macerata, Sferisterio theatrical scenography for the AIDA opera
2017 Fabriano, Immersive and interactive installation for the “Rinasco” project on post-earthquake rebirth and reconstruction
2017 Milano, X-Factor special interactive 3D effects to select the next candidates for the new series presented by Cattelan
2017 India, Punjab Golden Temple scenographic multivision for the Golden Temple
2017 Modena, MEF Museo Enzo Ferrari, “Driving with the stars” new multi videoprojection
2017 Firenze, Uffizi, “L’alluvione e gli Uffizi” projection
2016 Cervia, Videomapping on the town hall
2016 Minori Amalfi Coast – Videomapping, Santa Trofimena church
2016- Modena, MEF Museo Enzo Ferrari, “Red Carpet” new multivideo projection about Ferrari and the cinema
2015-16 Fabriano, multimedial installations and projections in the old town
2015-16 Cervia,. Salt warehous in the darsena, Videomapping
2015-16 2015 Repubblica San Marino, Cathedral Videomapping and multivision together
2015 Modena, MEF, New multivideo projection on the Enzo Ferrari e Luciano Pavarotti’s live
2015 Milano Expo, interactive video installation for Monini Olive Oil
2014-2015 Cervia (RA) VideoMapping onto the salt warehouse in the Darsena
2014-2015 Repubblica San Marino, Videomapping and multivision for the first time together on the cathedral
2014 Milano Eicma – immersive video/vieomapping in the Metzeler (Pirelli) area
2014 Bologna Cersaie – immersive video in the Marazzi space
2014 Rome, Maxxi Museum Hologram for Gaetano Pesce exibition
2014 Modena MEF, Museo Enzo Ferrari – Immersive multivision for Marazzi
2014 Rome, Cinecittà World videomapping – Permanent installation
2014 Belvedere Maritime (CS) Event – Multivision artistic inaugural show
2014 Praiano (SA) Church of San Domenico videomapping
2014 Fermignano (PU) 5th centenary of Bramante
2014 Macerata, Sferisterio theatrical scenography for the AIDA opera
2014 Modena, MEF Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari, Maserati show
2014 Modena, MEF Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari – Complete redesign of the museum. The visitors will be able to experience a thought-evoking adventure taking them through the life of the man who created the Ferrari myth as they relive the art, the drama and the atmosphere of that era. Permanent installation.
2014 Frascati (RM), Scuderie Aldobrandini – “Ciao Anna” Exhibition dedicated to Anna Magnani
2013 Camerino Interactive room setup of the science museum, hall of archaeological finds
2013 Praiano (SA) Chiesa di San Domenico Videomapping at the end of the restoration of the bell tower
2013 Macerata Sferisterio Stage design of “Beniamino Gigli”
2013 Belvedere Marittimo (CS) Event “Notte di fuoco” artistic multivision, inaugural show
2013 Riccione (RN) Hotel Savioli / nautic club architectural projection on the facade
2013 Bologna Torri Kenzo VideoMapping for JamBo Event and architectural multivisione
2013 Casaletto Spartano Museo Archeologico Immersive and interactive ambient
2013 Castel San Pietro Romano Museo Archeologico Immersive Ambient e Library
2013 Bologna interactive and immersive exhibition opening event of Children’s book, 50th anniversary
2012 Recanati (MC) Guzzini Illuminazione, VideoMapping presentation of new products range
2012 Paestum (SA Multimedia exhibition for cultural event of Archaeological Tourism
2012 Firenze – Fortezza da Basso, Staging of an immersive interactive box for the Exhibition of Art and Restoration
2012 Prato Evento “Fonderia Cultart” 360° immersive projection on the Castle and square delle Carceri
2012 Praiano (SA) – Event “Luminaria di San Domenico”- Immersive multivision in the square
2012 Firenze Municipality of Firenze Library Mario Luzi, Room Setup with Interactive Library
2012 Firenze, Fortress Da Basso, Etruscans Event Art Show & Tourist
2012 Milano Salone del Mobile Interactive setup for Lube kitchens
2012 Ferrara – multimedia exhibition for cultural event “Restoration in Art”
2012 Trento – Inauguration of the architectural part of the “MUSE”, the new museum designed by Renzo Piano
2012 Milan Triennale – Video installation “On the Kitsch” in the exhibition of Gillo Dorfles
2012 Fabriano (An) – Poiesis- Event Multivision immersive square “Cathedrals of Light”
2012 Television Channel direct La7 – three days in prime 14-16.5.
2012 Marseille-6th World Water Forum-Creation of the stand for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy
2011 Cagli – Multivision Square
2011 Genova – Palazzo Ducale Multiprojection
2011 Rome inauguration of the new Helicopter hanger at the Agusta Westland
2011 Milano Piazza Duomo- multivision on three sizes of the square with the Scala orchestra
2011 Fabriano (An) – Poiesis Event – a 360° Multi-vision in the main square, interactive room “Discovering Giotto”
2011 Milan – San Siro Stadium Adidas Event “adidas is all in”
2010 Anagni – Multivisione “The picture in the service of art and culture”
2010 Venezia Teatro Goldoni stage design in projection
2010 Roma – Eur Palazzo dei Congressi Permanent installation on the quadriga
2010 Fabriano (An) – Poiesis Event – a 360° Multi-vision in the main square using the theme “Mother Earth”
2010 Gubbio – Palazzo Ducale – Permanent installation. 3D life-size hologram of Duke Federico da Montefeltro
2010 Ferrara – Archaeological Museum, Permanent instalation interactive library
2010 Vietnam – Hanoi Anniversary of the 1000 years of Hanoi capital
2010 Riccione – Parco Oltremare artistic Multivision with the nature theme
2010 Brunei – Interactive installation, in the world’s longest 45m x 3m
2010 Francoforte – Light Festival architectural projection
2010 Torino – Mole Antonelliana Cinema Museum, Permanent installation of a virtual library
2010 Nigeria – Lagos Carnival festival
2010 Arzebaijan – Baku Flag Museum – multimedia set up
2010 Genova, Urbino, Avellino – Event projection for Christmas
2010 Pagani – Event projection for Christmas, Multivision “Tu scendi dalle Stelle”library
2009 Rome Vatican – Sala Nervi Charitable evening
2009 Avellino 3 locations – Immersive Multivisions in the town
2009 Vigevano, Theatre concert
2009 Milano, Castello Sforzesco virtual Librery for the Madame Butterfly event
2009 Monza – Piazza Duomo – main feature of an event celebrating the Formula 1 Gran Prix
2009 Fabriano (An) – Poiesis Event – a 360° Multi-vision in the main square using the theme ‘a Kiss’
2009 Nice Airport –scenographic decoration & interactive floors for the Cannes Festival and the F1 Grand Prix in Montecarlo
2009 Roma, Swim world championships – immersive multivision in the hospitality village
2009 Montecarlo – the presentation of the ‘one off’ model in the Ferrari F1 paddock
2009 Bard – Forte di Bard Aosta – 9.4-30.8 Installazione di multivisione in occasione della mostra ‘Verso l’alto’
2008-2009 Alessandria – 16.12-7.1
2008 Milan – CSC Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Lombardia
2008 London – Inter 100th anniversary celebration – Italian Embassy
2008 Beijing – CCTV Tower – China Nike Event
2008 Fabriano – Poiesis Event
2008 Torino – Lingotto Book fair
2008 Israel – Evento 60°Anniversario Fondazione dello Stato d’Israele
2008 Milan – Inter 100 year celebration, 7-9 marzo
2008 Milan – FIERA BIT 20-24 Febbraio
2008 Venice – Palazzo Pisani Moretta (Canal Grande) for “Il Ballo del Doge”
2007 Varese – Piazza S.Vittore One week show during the event “Bianco Natale”
2007 Urbino – Palazzo Ducale – 3 permanent installations. One of these the virtual library of the Duke of Montefeltro
2007 Rome Vatican – Sala Nervi Charitable evening
2007 Salsomaggiore Terme – Miss Italy
2007 Monza Piazza del Duomo – Show during the 78° Grand Prix of Formula 1
2007 Milano – Rai “Che tempo che fa” conduced by Fabio Fazio 3rd edition
2007 Palermo Palazzo dei Normanni – Show with the presence of the Italian President of the Repubblic
2007 Como, Notte Bianca white night
2007 Milan, Stadio San Siro Coppa Uefa – Milan Show Europe Champions
2007 Milan, Stadio San Siro Heineken Campaign
2007 Florence, S.Lorenzo’s church – virtual reconstruction of Michelangelo’s project
2006 Bruxelles, Pesaro – Regione Marche annual celebration (Grand Place; Piazza del Popolo)
2006 Milan nazional convention Edison
2006 Milan Inauguration of the 7 stars Hotel Town House Galleria, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele
2006 Milan – Rai “Che tempo che fa” conduced by Fabio Fazio 2nd edition
2006 Perugia – Notte Bianca
2006 Perugia – Umbria Jazz for Birra Peroni, 6 location
2006 Torino Winter Olimpympic games– Gran Galà scenography at Palavela
2006 Torino – Mole Antonelliana, Cinema museum -permanent instalation
2006 Dubai – Opening ceremony Cinema Festival
2006 Moscow
2005 Torino Forte di Bard
2005 Milan Pirelli Building– Motorola Campaign
2005 Milan – Rai “Che tempo che fa” conduced by Fabio Fazio
2005 Ischia – Ischia Jazz
2005 Trapani – Luis Vuitton Cup
2005 Modena Maranello – Ferrari show
2005 Izmir Turchia – Opening Cerimony Universiadi Izmir 2005
2005 Singapore – National Day Parade
2005 Bologna – 2 Agosto Bologna – Piazza Maggiore – Manifestazione per l’anniversario della Strage
2005 Perugia – Umbria Jazz per Pilsner Urquell, 3 location
2005 Milano – Sfilata Dirk Bikkembergs
2005 Venezia Marco Polo Aeroport permanent Installation
2005 Roma – Presentazione of three new MINI models, BMW
2005 Napoli – goodbye to the football of Ciro Ferrara
2005 Bolzano Valvenosta -Inauguration of the reopening of the ancient railway line Merano-Malles
2005 Rome – 70° anniversary of the Experimental Center of Cinematography (Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia)
2005 Tour 2005 of Nino D’Angelo
2005 Inauguration New Fiera of Milan
2005 Spain-400° Anniversary of Quijote“Cervantes en un laberinto de Luz”-One year of installations in multivisioni in Alcalà de Henares
2005 Bormio-Opening ceremony of the Alpine Ski Worldchampionships
2005 Bologna New Year’s eve – Piazza Maggiore
2005 Genoa New Year’s eve – Palazzo Ducale 2004 Venezia – 61° Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica
2004 Rome – Presentazione Collezione Moda Yamamay
2004 Florence – Pitti – Cliente: Freddy
2004 Verona – Multivisione Fiera del Lusso ” Luxury & Yachting ”
2004 Rome – Presentazione ufficiale nuovo logo del CONI
2004 Gardaland – Installazioni fisse su attrazioni e teatri del Parco
2004 Preolimpic Tour “Torino 2006″
2004 Arezzo, Brescia, Torino – Convention Nazionale SHELL
2004 Rome – Retrospettiva Giorgio Armani alle Terme di Diocleziano
2004 Milan – Presentazione Ufficiale del nuovo Magazine del Corriere della Sera
2004 Milan – Inauguration Ente per il Turismo dell’ Australia
2004 Rome- Confindustria – Multivisione Premio ” Marisa Bellisario ”
2004 Istanbul – Fenerbache’s football Stadium Team – the 3rd star di Scudetto
2004 Montecarlo – Gran Premio F1 Montecarlo per FERRARI-MARLBORO Team
2004 Livorno – Festa di promozione in seria A del LIVORNO Calcio
2004 Terni – Cascata delle MARMORE – Archie Shepp Concert
2004 Florence – Pitti Uomo Cliente: Ballantyne
2004 Pistoia – Concert “Pistoia Blues ”
2004 Bologna – Piazza Maggiore – Manifestazione per l’anniversario della Strage
2004 Perugia – Architectural Multivision Show in the main square – S.Lorenzo’s night
2003 Rome – Premiere of ‘Lord of the Rings’
2003 Rome – Premiere of ‘Herry Potter e la camera dei segreti’
2003 San Remo – Italian Song Festival
2003 Salso Maggiore Terme Settembre – Miss Italiain the world
2003 Carsulae – Terni Jazz Festival
2003 Rome 5 Agosto – Cathedral Santa Maria Maggiore ‘The snow miracle’.
2003 Milan – S.Siro Stadium Derby Inter-Milan
2003 Milan – Gillycube – Audi Sports Award
2003 Roma – Premiere of Disney’s “Finding Nemo”
2003 Sanremo – Cristmas Show Casinò Municipale
2002 Fiumicino – Decennale del comune di Fiumicino
2002 Roma – Cathedral Santa Maria Maggiore ‘The snow miracle’.
2001 Genova – S.Maria del Castello Zona Porto, Rotondi Award
2001 Napoli – Piazza Mercato – “Il Fuoco del Sole” show for Rai 2
2001 Rimini: Fiera dello spettacolo Entertainment
2001 Parigi: Pont D’Alexandre
2001 Firenze – Pitti Immagine 8 Marzo.
2001 Genova – Zona Port, Battesimo del mare della Nave del G 8 ‘European Vision’
2001 Roma – Premiere of ‘Vanille SKY’ con Tom Cruise.
2000 Ancona – inaugurazione restauro di piazza monumentale del Papa
2000 Rome – P.zza S. Pietro Celebrazioni del Giubileo
2000 Brescia – Capodanno, P.zza della Loggia con Idris
2000 Varsavia – EXPO Italia – Polska per il Ministero degli Esteri
1999 Ancona – Mole Vanvitelliana-Spettacolo Teatrale
1999 Roma – P.zza Navona
1998 Milano – BIT Regione Marche
1998 Ascoli Piceno – Teatro Ventidio Basso – Regione Marche
1999 Milan – Palazzo della Provincia-Installazione
1997 Camerino – Piazza centrale
1997 Fabriano – Piazza centrale e Palazzo del Podestà
1997 Milan – Piazza Duomo-Multiproiezione sul Duomo
1997 Milan – Palavobis con Lucio Dalla
1997 Gradara (Ps) Gradara Ludens – Castello di Gradara
1997 Sulmona (Aq) – Festival Internazionale di Multivisione
1997 Sassocorvaro (Ps) Premio Rotondi
1997 Treviso (Montebelluna) – Festival Internazionale di Multivisione Artistica
1996 Rieti – Festival Internazionale Installazione Palazzo Vincenti Mareri
1996 Rome – Istituto Culturale Austriaco
1996 Abano Terme – Centro Congressi
1996 Camerino – Chiostro dell’Università
1996 Montefiore all’Aso – Piazza centrale
1996 Porto S.Giorgio – Chiesa Cattedrale S. Giorgio
1996 Urbino (Ps) – Palazzo Ducale (Convegno europeo sulla cultura)
1996 Bracciano (Roma) – Evento multivisione
1996 Nürnberg (Germania) – MeDIAle
1996 Treviso – Fantadìa – Festival Internazionale di Multivisione Artistica
1995 Longiano (Rn) – Teatro Petrella
1995 Budapest (Ungheria) – Festival Internazionale di Multivisione Artistica
1995 Linz (Austria) Diamagica – Festival Internazionale di Multivisione Artistica
1993 Rieti – Festival Internazionale di Multivisione Artistica
1992 Rieti – Festival Internazionale di Multivisione Artistica