BOLOGNA - MAIN SQUARE for new year's eve

Bologna and its “Notte dei desideri” (“Night for wishes”) in Piazza Maggiore

New Year’s Eve 2004/05

A multiprojection served as the backdrop to celebrate the new year

Simultaneous with the New Year”s Eve celebrations in Genoa, a multivision on the Piazza Maggiore of Bologna was the backdrop for New Year”s eve in Paolo Buroni “s graphic and surrealistic style, in variations on a theme of “wishes” for the “Notte dei desideri”.

“Source: La Republica, Thursday 23 December 2004

“Bologna e la sua “Notte dei desideri” in Piazza Maggiore.”

New year”s in piazza Maggiore was the «Notte dei desideri», a celebration of music, images and multivisions. For the entire night, the façades of the Palazzo d”Accursio and Palazzo dei Notai, were frescoed with images by the multivision designer Paolo Buroni . In the crowning moment of the evening, the multiprojections onto the façades of the palaces of Piazza Maggiore followed the countdown with images of numbers, clocks and other elements linked to time. A “very visual” show, as Angelo Guglielmi (Chairman of the culture committee) of Bologna and ex director of the Rai3 televison channel) defined it, officially welcoming in 2005.”