Milan, October 5, 2003


At San Siro Paolo Buroni , together with Stark, set his signature to one of the most grandiose choreographic shows ever presented in a stadium. The choreographic event created for the October 5th Derby at San Siro, broadcast live by Sky with more than 20 collaborating television stations and seen by more than 600 million viewers.

The show was produced by Stark under the direction of Paolo Buroni who was directly engaged by Inter F. C. Internazionale.
The Stark projectors were used by Paolo Buroni not only to create a grandiose choreography for the Derby at San Siro, but also to create probably the largest stationary multi-projection in the world, demonstrating that the potential of this projector go well beyond the limits imagined to date.The enjoyment of those present at the stadium (90,000 spectators) was evident by the thunderous applause for the absolute novelty of the projection on the grass of the soccer field and on the four towers of San Siro.
The national and international press also was favourably impressed by this spectacular novelty and gave it ample coverage, well beyond the most positive expectations; in fact, the event was covered by all television and newspaper headlines.

Following are some comments from the press:
SKY commentator, live: ‘The scenography is marvellous and it is a pleasure to be part of this event’
2nd commentator: ‘Unique show, never before seen, thrilling’.
GIANLUCA VIALLI, live: ‘Compliments on the thrilling, opening scenography’
PAOLO BONOLIS (Inform Sportivo) ‘a unique show, one of the most beautiful that I have ever seen. An original and intelligent idea, which touches even the soul.’
GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT: ‘A winning, Hollywood style show’
IL GIORNALE: ‘An American style show, a splendid heart-thrilling choreography’
LA REPUBBLICA: ‘Cinema on the San Siro meadow’
IL GIORNO: ‘Inter outdid itself in organising a spellbinding play of lights on the field’

Some of the numbers of the event:
Installed Stark projectors: 50
Installed cables: more than 10 km
Area covered by the projections: over 9000 square meters
Light control mechanisms in the Stadium specially constructed for San Siro and installed by Stark: 380
Images used in the show: 2500
Total absorbed power: KW 150

The uniqueness and the novelty of this operation also lies in the fact that Paolo Buroni ‘s project was designed not only to create a single event but with the idea of introducing a new , original philosophy aimed at the possibility of repeating the spectacula event at every night game.
In fact, this is the first time that the challenge has been met to transform a space like that of a stadium using the concept of the ‘theatricality of Light and Space’.
All of the structural lighting devices of San Siro (more than 380) were the object of a long, complex study resulting in their management by centralised direction.
In particular, all of the main spotlights were equipped with 252 remote controlled dissolvers calibrated to dim and re-opening in just 3 seconds.
Obviously, all of the work was carried out in full observance of the stringent San Siro safety regulations while maintaining 100% of the original system functions.

Another absolute novelty is the gigantic projection (8200 square meters) directly on the field, which had never been attempted by anyone before, not even during the World Championship show.
In fact, experts in the field of architectural projections are well aware that ‘grass’ is one of the most difficult ‘materials’ to project images on; this, due to the very high light absorption, definitely much greater than that of a water ‘screen’.
This, in itself, is a comment on the luminous power that the Stark projectors are able to unleash.