For the third consecutive year, the ‘cult’ television program “Che tempo che Fa” has chosen the multiprojection concept to create its architectural set. Director Duccio Forzano and Director of Photography Danilo Marabotto, have asked visual designer Paolo Buroni to create a 360° set with clouds as the theme. In order to do this, the entire perimeter surface of studio 3 in Milano has been covered with a gigantic screen.Using 11 Stark projectors, Paolo Buroni has created a full-immersion setting of graphically processed clouds.The goal was to create a floating sensation throughout the studio. This effect was obtained by projecting overlapping images on the background walls as well as on the floor all around Fabio Fazio and his guests.

By programming the Stark projectors using the special scrolling function, the effect of slowly moving clouds was created, an effect which had already characterised the program last year. But this time, the effect is much more striking and accentuated. Director Duccio Forzano also wanted a colour variation in the clouds accompanying the talk show to create a dawn to dusk effect. In order to created this effect, processes on the edge between photorealism and theatricality were used for the photographic configuration, resulting in a magnificent scenic effect.

Luca, the console operator, connected all of the Starks to his Copulite, creating memory loops for all of the various scenes so that all of the transitions requested by the director during the live broadcast could be accomplished instantaneously. The projectors were installed on the ceiling using special electric pantographs at various heights, between five and eight metres. Together with the director of Photography, Danilo Marabotto, a lot of time was dedicated to choosing the various lenses and training all of the projectors.

In the end, the hard work required hard to create such a complex and extremely innovative set in a television studio, gave rewarding results.

The first episode of the program achieved important results in terms of ratings, with over 4 million viewers.

‘Che tempo che Fa’ went on the air for the first time October 1st 2006 and was aired every Saturday and Sunday, for about 9 months, in prime time on RAI3.